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Rome Tourist Attractions

The new season of Teatro Opera in Rome

One of the most important events for those who come to visit the capital during the fall is the Teatro Opera in Rome between performances, concerts and ballets. The theater has recently presented the new season of theater that stages the most important works, a symbol of Italian artistic tradition capable of giving a special charm to stay in Rome. ...

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With Vatican Tours discover the Pomodoro’s sphere

When we think of the Vatican have in mind suffered its biggest attractions, the Basilica, the  square, to the Vatican Museums and forget details that make Rome, unique. By choosing one of the many Vatican tours present you will come across a very unique sculpture, which is able to give suggestions and light special, a work of Arnaldo Pomodoro, which ...

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Vatican tours between the papal basilicas

The Vatican is, for all the faithful of the world, one of the most important points of reference, but in Rome there are many churches that testify to the passage and the importance of Christianity. Rome, in fact, owns four of the nine papal basilicas in Italy and we want to present them to understand the differences and importance. The ...

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The Vatican Museums

Inside the Vatican City is a collection of artwork largest in the world, put together by the popes over the course of many centuries, these are the Vatican Museums. Founded by Pope Julius II in the sixteenth century, the first sculpture of the museum can be traced back to five years ago when it was the statue of Laocoon as ...

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Rome tours to discover the legends of Pantheon

The Pantheon is the symbol of ancient Rome, is a temple to all the gods present, past and future, as explained by the Greek origin of its name. This monument is a very important point in the history of the city, according to the legend in this place the founder of the city of Rome: Romulus, at his death was ...

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