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Welcome to ABC Rooms in Rome


Rome Tours by night

Rome is definitely one of the most beautiful European capitals, because she can cope with the pace of a modern city, with its opportunities in a historical context and which often seems to be timeless. Collision between capital in ruins that remain preserved for centuries is really simple, just choose a traditional Rome Tours to retrace the steps of an ...

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Vatican tours between the papal basilicas

The Vatican is, for all the faithful of the world, one of the most important points of reference, but in Rome there are many churches that testify to the passage and the importance of Christianity. Rome, in fact, owns four of the nine papal basilicas in Italy and we want to present them to understand the differences and importance. The ...

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To combine sports and holidays choose a Rome sightseeing tours

The twentieth edition of the Rome Marathon, born at the beginning of 900, becomes the reason to visit one of the most beautiful capitals in the world to combine sports and holidays. A picturesque path, that of the Rome Marathon, five kilometers from Via Fori Imperiali towards Piazza Venezia and Via Cavour to go back up to the finish line ...

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Rome for kids and family

The greatness of Rome allows you to experience this city in many ways, discover its many forms, and get carried away by a vibrant atmosphere of a timeless city. To live a unique experience and create the best memories of a family holiday you can take advantage of the many tours in Rome for families. There are, in fact, many ...

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The Vatican Museums

Inside the Vatican City is a collection of artwork largest in the world, put together by the popes over the course of many centuries, these are the Vatican Museums. Founded by Pope Julius II in the sixteenth century, the first sculpture of the museum can be traced back to five years ago when it was the statue of Laocoon as ...

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Rome tours to discover the legends of Pantheon

The Pantheon is the symbol of ancient Rome, is a temple to all the gods present, past and future, as explained by the Greek origin of its name. This monument is a very important point in the history of the city, according to the legend in this place the founder of the city of Rome: Romulus, at his death was ...

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