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Memling arrives in Rome

On October 11, he arrived in Rome, one of the greatest representatives of the Flemish Renaissance: Memling. Will the Scuderie del Quirinale which allow up to 18 January 2015 to see for the first time an exhibition dedicated to the painter of the fifteenth most important of Bruges.

A monograph ever made in Rome able to highlight the qualities of the protagonist Flemish Renaissance Hans Memling, that leaked from all his work: the blades monumental altar, small portable triptychs, portraits, perfecting the background landscape.
In addition to the masterpieces of religious art, the exhibition will present diptychs and triptychs reassembled for the first time as the Pagagnotti Triptych , the Jan Crabbe Triptych or the Moreel Triptych that will form a spectacular finale of the exhibition.
In addition, the stars of the show will be the magnificent portraits such as Portrait of young man portrait, exceptionally lent by Queen Elizabeth II and the Portrait of a Man ​​with Roman coin. His works are characterized by a refined elegance, sometimes melancholy, that best sums up the short but intense period of art sponsored by the merchants of Bruges.
The Scuderie del Quirinale offer the public a rich program of investigations to get to know the main themes of the exhibition. Art historians who, every Wednesday, you make available to the public to explore the main temples of the works of Memling and the nature of his relationship with the Italian and European culture.

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