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Body Worlds exhibition more views of Rome

The exhibition Body Worlds is one most popular exhibitions of Rome in this moment, and in his last exposure period from Friday to Sunday open until 11:00 PM.

The exhibition of Gunther von Hagens in the beautiful newly renovated spaces of the SET, in Tirso Street proved to be the most fascinating to discover together the anatomy, the transformations that later in life the human body can take.

The Cycle of Life tells the public the milestones of life through the changes that affect the human body. A series of studies of the anatomy that show how a body is complex, vulnerable and capable of absorbing all that evidence.

Body Worlds is one of the most important traveling exhibitions worldwide and about 40 million visitors because it gives the public a direct vision of the human body, a new way to learn about the vital mechanisms of our body and the operation of the equipment.

The special feature of this exhibition is the plastination, a technique used by Gunther von Hagens to allow a science only date from the perfect conservation of tissues and organs.

The exhibition will be in Rome until February 15 every day until 20:00, and on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be open until 23:00. During the Christmas holidays, you can see the time on the site, the cost of the ticket is 16 Euros.

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