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Caravaggio Exhibition in Rome 2011: la bottega del Genio

A major exhibition in honour of Italian painter Michelangelo Merisi, commonly known as Caravaggio, is on view at Palazzo Venezia, in Rome, (119 Via del Plebiscito), from 22nd December 2010 to 29th May 2011, 10.00 – 19.00, Tuesday to Sunday.

The second in two years, this Caravaggio exhibition in Rome is a not to be missed event for all who appreciate the most expressive Italian Baroque painter, universally rated among the greatest artists of all the time.

However, the Caravaggio exhibition we are writing about is not a common one, it is definitely unique in its genre. With the aim of unveiling the secrets of the creation of the painter’s artworks and his approach to the painting, the exhibition recreates the studio where Caravaggio worked, sheding light on the tools, techniques and methods that he used while painting his canvases.

The Caravaggio exhibition in Rome has the purpose of evoking the atmosphere of the time of the painter’s “Roman years”, and shows by means of mirrors, lenses and optical tools, how the painter achieved that profound sense of light that has so impressed and has been much studied by critics and art lovers.

For this reason, the exhibition has been titled Caravaggio, La bottega del Genio, meaning Caravaggio, the workshop of a Genius.

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