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Rome Guide: Campidoglio

Campidoglio is the Italian name for the Capitoline Hill, one of the seven most famous hills of Rome, located in the very heart of the city.
The Piazza del Campidoglio and the three palaces overlooking it – the Palazzo dei Conservatori, the Senatorio and the Nuovo – have been designed by the brilliant genius of Michelangelo, one of the most gifted artists of Italian Renaissance.

The palaces encompass a trapezoidal space accessible by the Cordonata, that is a large flight of steps, wide enough to allow horse riders to ascend the hill without dismounting.
Palazzo dei Conservatori and the Senatorio in Campidoglio are also home to Rome’s civic government.

Finally, the building of Tabularium, which dates back to 1 BC, is situated underground beneath the square, and besides it is the ancient Temple of Veiovis.
Adjacent to the Piazza del Campidoglio you may admire the church of Santa Maria in Aracoeli.

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