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Rome Guide: Terme di Caracalla

This ancient baths (“Terme”) remained in use until the 6th century when the complex was sacked by the barbarian, destroying the installations. The ruins of the baths have become one of the most popular tourist attraction of the Eternal City. The Caracalla baths was more a leisure centre than just a series of baths.

The Terme di Caracalla are open to the public for an admission fee of 6 €, which does not apply to pensioners or students from the EU. Access is limited only to certain areas to avoid damage to the mosaic floors, although such damage is already clearly visible.

There were three main bath chambers: the Frigidarium (cold room); the Caldarium (hot room); and the Tepidarium (lukewarm room).
Between the Frigidarium and the Tepidarium was the great hall a prototype of the vaulted naves of medieval churches. There were also large open-air swimming pools.

The Caracalla baths is one of the most particular tourist attractions in Rome, not so famous as Colosseum or Fori Romani, but really interesting.

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