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Rome Guide: Testaccio

Testaccio is a district in Rome situated between the Tiber river and the Aurelian Walls, south-east to Circus Maximus. It takes the name after Monte Testaccio, a 30 metres high mound, made up of rubbles – especially amphoras – which came from the ancient Emporium port on the Tiber and piled up over the centuries. Nowadays, the amphora has become the symbol of the district.

One way to reach Testaccio is by Porta San Paolo,  a gate that is part of the Aurelian Walls, and certainly one of the best-preserved. Alongside the Walls is the Pyramid of Cestius, a unique monument built a few years before Christ. It is made up of concrete covered with marble, with some Latin inscriptions carved on the east and west faces. Inside, there is the burial chamber built for Gaius Cestius Epulo, a member of a Roman religious corporation.

Today Testaccio is an area mostly frequented by young people at nights, given the high density of restaurants and discos. Unfortunately, Testaccio is not very popular among tourists and foreign people, but it is an ideal place where to spend nights among and with Roman people.

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