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Rome Tourist Attractions

It would take a whole day to list all the tourist attractions in Rome and this is not what we are going to do here. However, we thought it helpful to give at least some tips about how to enjoy the most significant tourist attractions in Rome, the Eternal city.

First of all: the Colosseum. A unique grandiose monument, symbol of Rome as the capital of Roman Empire. Admire it from every perspective, from within and outside, from any corner of the streets surrounding it. You will never get tired of its charm.

Second: Spanish Steps. One of the most crowded square, as well as among top tourist attractions in Rome. The many elegant boutiques in the area are the ideal place where to do some clothes shopping, or simply window-shopping.

Third and last one (for now): Trevi’s Fountain. According to a local legend throwing a coin into the fountain with one’s back to it, brings good luck. Everyone who visits Rome does it at least once, it is among the most amusing tourist attractions.

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