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With Vatican Tours discover the Pomodoro’s sphere

When we think of the Vatican have in mind suffered its biggest attractions, the Basilica, the  square, to the Vatican Museums and forget details that make Rome, unique.
By choosing one of the many Vatican tours present you will come across a very unique sculpture, which is able to give suggestions and light special, a work of Arnaldo Pomodoro, which is located in the Cortile della Pigna in the Vatican Museums.
The author, one of the most important Italian contemporary sculptors of Italy, donated the work in 1990 and the theme of the ball already present in his earlier works is repeated.
The sculpture is located in a courtyard “framed”: on one side is the Basilica of St. Peter and the other recess of the facade of the Vatican Palace.
At sunset, when the wind blows out of Rome, is strong enough to spin the ball that creates games and light reflections.
The Cortile della Pigna which houses the work has this name due to a four-meter bronze pinecone that in classical times was near the Pantheon in 1600 and brought inside the Vatican Gardens.
A tour that will introduce you to this art little known, but equally beautiful and will make your stay even more fascinating.

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